Do Cockroaches Bite? Why Would A Cockroach Bite You?

Do Cockroaches Bite? The short answer is yes. The long answer is you will most likely never be bitten by a cockroach in your life. Cockroaches are omnivores and mainly eat items such as decaying matter, paper, books, sweets, hair, and meats. Oh, and fortunately for us, they eat cockroach bait too!

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Why Would A Cockroach Bite You?

It’s fair to say you hate cockroaches. Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual. Cockroaches generally dislike our presence and will not go out of their way to bite you.

History tells us that most reports of cockroach bites actually come from ships. When there is a lack of food (which can be likely for roaches stranded on a ship,) they don’t tend to have many food options.

What Does A Cockroach Bite Look Like?

The most obvious indicator that you have a cockroach bite is if you saw one bite you! If you truly think you may have been bitten by a cockroach, start by analyzing the size of the bite. A cockroach bite would be slightly larger than a typical bedbug bite.

You would also probably only see one bite from a cockroach, whereas a mosquito, flea or bedbug will likely cause multiple bites.
Like many other bites, the skin would appear bright red in the bitten area and also would raise up slightly due to inflammation.

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